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The content, distinctive features, text, images, photographs, logos and all information and contents of the site www.topodom.com and any right or claim arising therefrom, concerns or is attracted from them, belong to TOPODOM.COM


The user has the opportunity to browse the online store free of charge and, accepting the terms and conditions that apply internationally and in Greece and what is stated herein, to make use of the individual authorization granted and use the services of the Online Shop.


TOPODOM.COM asserts that it covers and protects all user personal data, during the time of browsing, use and service through its website and excludes for any reason or cause the sale, lease, lending, assignment, distribution and any other form of communicating users' personal information without their consent, unless required by law.


TOPODOM.COM  processes only and exclusively the essential elements that are necessary for accurate shipping and payment collection of each order, and whichever elements are needed in order to develop, improve and personalize the service-information for its users, according to Greek and EU legislation and Provisions of Law 2472/1997 as amended.


To use and be served by the online store it will be useful to be familiar with the ways of shipping & payment as explained in the FAQ and SHIPPING sections.


Every customer / user can freely visit the online store without having to provide personal information. 


The Online Store can possibly use cookies for user identification; cookies, as known, are small files which serve for statistical purposes and for improving user experience.


The Online Store consistently monitors delivery times for orders, except in cases of force majeure. The order will be executed immediately after the end of the cause that resulted in the delay upon the customer’s approval; delay in order execution or non-execution for proven reasons do not confer right to compensation.


The online store updates without announcement the text of trading conditions with its customers within its right to update or change these terms and conditions.


The online store is committed to exhaust its efforts to provide smooth operation and high level services without guaranteeing the absence of interruptions or errors nor absolute protection against software viruses or the complete absence of any temporary operational problems and is not responsible for any form of loss for the user by its initiatives, relating to the services and content of the site, made in knowledge of what mentioned in this note.


The differences that may arise from transactions carried out via the Electronic Store are governed by international, EC and Greek Law and included in those are provisions of Presidential Decree 131 / 30.4.2003 and Law 2251/1994, subject to jurisdiction of the Courts of Athens without excluding the resignation of the Electronic Store from this right and the submission of disputes to the law and jurisdiction of the user’s country.